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Exploring how design impacts science, the ways designers and scientists collaborate, how scientists can incorporate design into their work and anything else that spans the intersection of science and design. 

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Designing for Science

When you’re working with scientists, it is incredibly helpful to take the time to understand why they find their research interesting. What intrigues them about

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Who is this site for?

I created this website because I wanted a place to discuss the use of design in science. As a Creative Designer in science communication for the past twelve years, I have worked across STEM with scientists, clinical researchers, engineers, surgeons, epidemiologists, global health experts, statisticians and criminologists. I hope my experience and perspective can be a resource for both scientists and designers to work better collaboratively on science using design principles.

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Are you a researcher interested in working together? I’m currently taking on new consulting clients who are looking to elevate their work with visual communication in some way, whether it’s discussing the design of materials for a clinical research study or creating a brand identity for a new scientific start-up. I’d love to hear from you with what you’re working on and how you think we might work together.

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