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Many researchers have also suddenly found themselves trying to conduct research remotely. Of course, certain types of research make that impossible, like many types of field research that involve travel or research at academic medical centers that has shut down to focus on the hospital response to the pandemic like my own. Scientists who have had their work shut down are being asked to identify other projects that they can do while working remotely. 

Some suggestions have included various things that support their career development, courses on science communication skills, writing grants, applying for new funding opportunities or anything else they can think of that supports their research activities peripherally in some other way. 

Where are the resources for scientists to successfully shift their research to a virtual space? What support have their institutions offered? What questions do they have about presenting virtually? What tools or apps do they need help figuring out? What apps have they been using to collaborate across institutions? 

There are so many unanswered questions for scientists right now and I hope that I can provide a space that offers some practical solutions as well as some creative ideas for using visual communication devices like scientific illustrations, infographics, data visualizations and comics to propel your research forward. my expertise and skills as a graphic designer and a web designer. fifteen years of experience as a science communicator across web, design and content development, rooted in design principles for the digital and virtual space.

How can design impact the communications you create for your research studies? Or for your patients? Or for your laboratory protocols? I want to get you thinking about the possibilities for clearer communication through design and how it can elevate your science. 

If you’re interested in working with me on promoting your research or to hire me to consult around design and science communication, get in touch.


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