About the Design of Science

When I decided to create The Design of Science, it was mostly as a way for me to share the experience that comes with being a designer at a research institute in medicine for twelve years. Prior to that, I was a research assistant for a criminologist, focused on gathering and analyzing racial profiling in policing data, as well as designing a website and an online database of all racial profiling litigation and legislation in the United States.

My background as a designer goes back even further, building my first website in 1999 and teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator twenty years ago. My entire career has been oriented around design and focused on ways of connecting people with scientific information.

I also realized how important it was to capture and share the different ways I was collaborating with scientists around coronavirus research given the urgency of the pandemic, so I decided it made sense creating a website that was public facing and could be a resource to both designers and scientists.

If anyone has some money lying around and wants to fund these adventures across design and science, here are just some of the things I’d love to do, given the resources:

In the meantime, you can subscribe to my Patreon and support the work that I do here.


My vision for the future of the site depends largely on what resources I have to support it – right now, it’s really just a place for me to share my perspective on design and science, but the potential to grow beyond is clear. Some of the things that I would love to do if I were able to find support or sponsorship for this site, would be:

  • Featured paid contributor pieces from designers, scientists, collaboration teams, etc.
  • Create video content (tutorials, tips & tricks, etc.)
  • Create a yearly printed publication featuring the best in design in science
  • Host regular virtual events featuring designers, scientists, artists, etc.
  • Live drawing sessions with paid instructors for scientists